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Mohamed Shueib Looks to Develop Homeland with Knowledge Attained From KIU


KIU, Main Campus- Somali International, Mohamed Shueib, has completed his Masters in International Relations and Diplomatic Studies at KIU, graduating during the 28th graduation ceremony on Saturday, November 25th, 2023. He intends to use his degree to help develop his motherland.

Sheuib's journey has been marked by accomplishments and what he describes as "friendly competition", with brilliant young minds at KIU.

 "It feels amazing and special to achieve this milestone and I cannot even describe my joy in just words," he says.

"My academic journey through KIU came with great accomplishments and rewarding competition with the smartest minds around the world and it was proof that being in KIU requires a certain level of competitiveness," he adds.

He confesses that entering KIU was a dream come true for him and that if he had chosen another university, he would have missed out on the diversity of Uganda's leading private university.

"I think I would have missed the diversity and the young vibrant minds and the everlasting alumni community around the world."

Shueib is now preparing to return to Somalia, where he will use his abundance of knowledge to help the country grow.  His research focuses on "Somalia Counter-terrorism Measures and National Security," a topic praised by his department. 

"I am looking forward to returning to my beautiful homeland, participating in its growth, and contributing with my field of knowledge and study area, which my department stated was one of the most intriguing topics we have in the department, "Somalia Counter-terrorism Measures and National Security."

Congratulations Mohamed, we wish you the best as you venture into the next chapter of your life.