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Mohamud Ali Diyad Sets Eyes On PhD


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus- Mohamud Ali Diyad has made up his mind to stay at KIU for a PhD after completing a Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomatic Studies. He will graduate this Saturday during KIU's 28th graduation ceremony.

Ali Diyad attributes his successful master's degree pursuit to hard work and dedication.

"Achieving my Master's degree is incredibly fulfilling, representing years of hard work, dedication, and personal growth," he explains.

"It's a significant milestone that marks both academic accomplishment and the start of new opportunities," he adds.

He also highlights commitment, participating in co-curricular activities and the pursuit of excellence as key factors leading to this academic milestone.

"Throughout my academic journey, I consistently pursued excellence by actively engaging in class discussions, maintaining a high grade, and participating in extracurricular activities," he says.

"My commitment to learning, coupled with a strong work ethic, allowed me to cultivate a well-rounded skill set and achieve success in both coursework and personal development."

His choice to pursue a master's at KIU is one he will always cherish for it has been so rewarding that his life will never be the same again.

"If I had never come to KIU, I might have missed out on valuable opportunities for personal and academic growth. For instance, I would have missed the chance to engage in diverse learning experiences, build a network of peers and mentors, and develop skills that are crucial for my future career."

"Additionally, the university environment provides a unique setting for personal discovery and exposure to different perspectives, enriching my overall education in ways that would be hard to replicate elsewhere."

Ali Diyad says he will start pursuing a PhD immediately after graduation on Saturday.

Congratulations Ali Diyad.