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Moses Ebye Wins KIU Guild President Election


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus – Moses Ebye, a second-year student of Law and the member of parliament representing the School of Law in the KIU Guild Union, has been declared newly-elected Guild President of Uganda's leading Private University.

Ebye, who rejected what he described as the unlawful declaration of Laureate Atukunzire as Guild president in the electionwhich was first held last week, easily found his way to victory in today's re-election, after Atukunzire failed to return the nomination forms.

The University Administration met with all the stakeholders on Tuesday 19th April 2022 before declaring last week's eventful election null and void. 

The Electoral commission, as advised by the administration repeated the process of electing the Guild President and a new but shorter roadmap was issued yesterday. 

It included among others, picking of nomination forms effective yesterday evening and returning them with all requirements by midday on Wednesday which was fulfilled by one candidate - Moses Ebye.

When asked why she didn't return nomination forms to affirm her candidacy, Atukunzire only answered, "It is choice"

Ebye looked visibly happy after being declared Guild President-elect, a position he has dreamt of since joining KIU in 2020.

"I don't know what to say or do but I feel very happy, the rest of what I feel is hard for me to describe for you but this is the best moment for me," he said.

He will be sworn in on Thursday 21st April 2022 to replace Jacob Musiimenta who has been serving as Guild president since December 2020.