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Muhamed Nur Ahmed takes Oath as KIUSOMSA President


By Isaac Akugizibwe

Mohamed Nur Ahmed is now officially a bonafide president of the KIU Somali Students Association (KIUSOMSA), after receiving instruments of power from his predecessor Mustafa Abdihafid during a glamorous handover ceremony at Hotel Africana on Saturday 3rd June 2023.

Nur has promised to build from where Mustafa stopped and will focus more on integrating Somali students into the Ugandan community. During his accession speech, he commended Ugandans for embracing the Somali community and allowing them to feel at home.

Nur will be in charge of this blossoming association for the next one year and it remains to be seen whether he can better his predecessor, Mustafa Abdihafid who has been credited for making the Somali Students Association popular and more visible at KIU.

KIUSOMSA was the best International Students Association during the 2023 cultural gala in February.