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NBS's Mordecai Muriisa Motivates KIU Journalism Students


KIU, Main Campus-KIU alumnus and NBS news show host Mordecai Muriisa has had a motivational talk with KIU Journalism students on how they can productively spend their time at the University.

The talk, which was held on the afternoon of Thursday, May 6th at the university, was themed, "The power of motivation in influencing career paths," and was organized by the Head of Department, Journalism and Media Studies Joan Owade.

Owade revealed that whatever she has achieved in life today was inspired by a motivational talk she once listened to way back as a young girl. 

"It took a lot of determination, resilience and hard work to implement whatever the speaker by then shared with us," Owade said 

Always harbouring the best interests of her students at heart, Owade believes that by Mordecai sharing his life journey with the Mass Communication students, they would be motivated to become the best version of themselves and accomplish their dreams in life. 

Mordecai expressed his gratitude to the University Management for the half bursary scholarship program which enabled him to complete his Bachelor's of Mass Communication at KIU.

He encouraged students to do everything with passion and love, telling them that there is power in believing, and students should believe that they are capable of changing their lives.

" Let's be our neighbour’s keepers and keep encouraging each other. Don't listen to what they say but listen to what lies within your heart," he advised.

"The challenges and hurdles we face every day should not be an excuse that could hinder us from achieving our goals," Mordecai added.