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Never Lose Sight of Your Goals, Prof. Durraiz Rehman Cautions Freshers


By Agnes Kiconco

KIU, MAIN CAMPUS - Delivering a keynote speech during day one of the freshers orientation at Kampala International University Main Campus in Kansanga, Kampala, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research, Innovation, Consultancy and Extension, Prof. Durraiz Rehman cautioned students never to lose sight of their goals and objectives as they move forward in the system.

Stressing the importance of university education and its relevance in skilling students for the 'real world', Prof. Rehman advised the new entrants to work together in groups to achieve their goals and objectives because as a group, they will achieve more, compared to working solo.

In unison, Stella Feta Aliru,  the OC Station Kabalagala also urged new entrants to focus on their academic goals and keep out of trouble.

"Don't get deceived and coaxed into activities that will lead you into problems, be careful with the people you make friends with," said added.

In preparation for the new semester, first-year students are welcomed and treated to a traditional and much-needed orientation process to familiarize the new entrants to university norms, regulations and also help them know their way around the university.

During this year's orientation where students were divided into two groups, due to the big numbers, Dr. Victor Olubusayo Fakuade, the Head of the School of Digital and Distance E-learning introduced the new entrants to the university's E-learning platform.

"Learning is now digital and e-learning has made it possible for you to learn beyond the classroom environment," Dr. Olubusayo noted as he issued steps to use the E-learning platform.

  1. Register with the Department of Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT).
  2. Activate your username and password.
  3. Register on LMS. - lms.kiu.
  4. Use this URL to get yourself to the platform
  5. Locate your college/school.
  6. Locate your year.
  7. Locate your course
  8. Assign yourself to a course.


Speaking to one of the excited first-year students, Judith Akankunda who happens to be a beneficiary of the KIU half bursary scheme, she expressed her eagerness to start a new chapter in her life as she pursues her Bachelor in Public Administration.

"Now that I have been taken through the orientation process, I believe am ready to start the semester," she added.

This being day one of the two-day orientation process, the eager and excited new students look forward to familiarizing themselves with the new environment as they chase their dreams, make new friends and draw closer to their goals.