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New Semester Message From the KIU Western Campus Guild Union


By John Kennedy Kalanda

KIU, Western Campus – My name is John Kennedy Kalanda and I am the 9th reinstated Guild Speaker for KIU Western Campus.

I take this distinguished opportunity to congratulate you all upon having gone through the festive days successfully. And in the same spirit, I wish you all the most prosperous 2024.

On behalf of the entire Guild Union, I would like to thank the administration and the students for enabling us to extend to you our services through the year 2023. We are so honoured and grateful for the trust and confidence you bestowed upon us. We do not take this trust lightly.

Our tenure so far is one in which we have registered victories plus pitiable and cheery moments – pitiable especially on May 20 when our beloved brother and Guild President, the late Douglas Matovu lost his life and cheery in that the rest of us completed it alive. We give the glory back to the Almighty.

Last year was a year in which we assumed our offices and we have been blessed always while fulfilling our duties of serving the challenges and interests of the students and all other stakeholders for the best of our mighty institution.

As we enter 2024 especially at the commencement of a new academic semester, it is my wish that we ask for the Lord’s guidance and providence in whatever we are yet to embark on.

We look forward to having a fruitful year in the midst of which we shall hand over leadership to another group of leaders that shall steer us as we continue to explore the heights.