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Notice to First Year and Non-Finalist continuing KIU Students


As you may be aware, the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) accredited and approved Kampala International University (KlU) to offer emergency Online, Distance and Electronic Learning (ODeL) programs in a blended format, combining largely online delivery and a few components that may require physical presence in compliance with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of the Ministry of Health (MOH). The University Digital platform, (Learning Management System - LMS) will, enable both students and staff to fulfill curriculum content, and general study online. The University is fully compliant with the SOPs and has a functional Covid-19 Task Force and Policies as approved by the University Senate and Council.

Limited mop-up sessions will focus on Continuous Assessment Tests (CATs) and End of Semester Exams (in case of continuing non-finalists), while for first year students, it will focus on training on Covid-19 preventive measures, orientation and registration. The University has finalized the arrangements to batch students according to an approved criteria that will ensure no risk of violation of the MOH SOPs and other University guidelines. The schedule is separately shown for Main and Western Campuses.

Students and Staff are hereby cautioned that anyone who violates the guidelines will be subjected to the University administrative procedures, which may lead to serious consequences of a disciplinary nature and notification of government authorities.