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Omuya Beat COVID-19 by Trusting in God and Staying Mentally Strong


KIU alumnus Noah Omuya says he trusted in God and stayed mentally strong after learning that he had contracted COVID-19 to beat the virus.

Omuya tested positive for COVID-19 after having a mandatory test before a meeting with President Yoweri Museveni, which was supposed to take place on 9th June, 2021, but he says he stayed mentally strong and tried as much as possible to avoid anxiety.

He was supposed to be part of the delegation of the UN Youth Coalition for Sustainable Development Goals in Uganda, who were supposed to join other delegates to celebrate Heroes day at Kololo Airstrip, where President Museveni presided as Chief Guest.

 “I remember one day, I was so worried upon reading the news about how people die due to this virus. I developed a little bit of a headache and I realized the virus was beginning to take advantage of my worries,” Omuya, who says he was asymptomatic, says.

Omuya decided to go off social media to try and eliminate the anxiety, concentrating on his medication instead.

“I had to quit social media for a good number of days and continued medication which included zinc and vitamin C and D supplements plus eating a lot of fruits, drinking a lot of water and eating,” he says.

Omuya supplemented the medication with exercise and herbal medicine, which friends back home in Bukedea district collected for him.

He cautions people against following everything that is posted on social media as medication or therapy because like he experienced, they may turn out to be harmful instead.

“I had to stop steaming along the way because I was getting dehydrated and my face was getting burnt,” he admits.

“I also stopped taking concoctions along the way because they were threatening to cause me ulcers,” he adds.

However, above all, Omuya advises whoever contracts the virus to vest their trust in God, as he did not bring us this far to suffer.

Noah Omuya is a graduate of Mass Communication from KIU and the Chief Executive Officer of AICA Communication Limited Uganda, an online publishing company.

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