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One-on-One With Dr. Igbinoba on the East Africa Pharmatech Exhibition


KIU, Western Campus – KIU is currently participating in the East Africa Pharmatech, pharmaceutical and healthcare exhibition at the Uganda Manufacturer’s Association show grounds in Lugogo, Kampala.

Collins Kakwezi talked to Dr. Sharon Igbinoba (holding book in the picture), the Dean of School of Pharmacy, KIU via WhatsApp to get a feel of what is taking place at the exhibition, especially on behalf of KIU.

Q.  How is the exhibition so far for KIU?

A. It has been good so far, just that the turnout has not been very high.

Q.  What do you aim to achieve by participating in the exhibition?

A. We aim to showcase KIU. The aim is to let people know the achievements of KIU in a way, to promote and market the school to both individuals and corporate organizations for better or more collaboration, participation, and admissions. 

Q.  What do you expect to be the takeaways for the School of Pharmacy from this exhibition?

A. There is more exposure for KIU School of Pharmacy. Many people are beginning to know about the program in KIU and also how they can benefit by collaborating with the school in terms of the herbs that can be obtained from the university 

Q.  How big is the team that represented KIU?

A. The team is well represented from both the western campus and Kampala campus with the Dean of Pharmacy heading the team, which includes some staff members from Western Campus and two students, one of whom is the president of the KIU Pharmacy Students Association. The other two members are from Main Campus.

Q.  What does it mean for KIU to participate in an exhibition of that calibre?

A. It means greater exposure to both national and international markets which will not only place KIU at a higher pedestal but increase potential possibilities for both national and international collaboration.