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Open Letter to the Graduates


By Rogers Wanambwa 


Congratulations to you, and thank you for achieving your most significant achievement thus far. Here are a few insights into what is ahead of you that I believe will help you along the way (as a recent graduate myself).

1. Take some time to evaluate your life. 
For most of your life, everything has been thought out and pre-arranged for you. You just had to show up. The great thing you did. Now, you'll quickly realise how hard it is to make decisions for yourself.
Don't rush into things. Take some time to evaluate everything and see how to go about everything. Baby steps, huh!

2. Get into the trenches
After your short, much-needed timeout, you should not fear to start with what's available. Be it a building site, joining mom or dad at the family business, or sis at the boutique. I mean, it will be easier to ask for a.t from someone you are helping.

3. Have meaningful hobbies 
Some hobbies should be dropped immediately, especially the ones that only take from your pockets for now. Read a skilling book instead, learn a new trade. Pursuits that don't contribute to your mind or get the point.

4. Rekindle your spiritual life (go to church, for example) 
Besides grounding you, you are more likely to meet the people who will change your life at places of worship. I'm sure you have heard stories.

5. Learn new skills 
Our education system is too theoretical, yet you'll need practical skills to get by. You'll be surprised at what you can teach yourself if you give it time and how many people are willing to offer their knowledge if only you asked. And now, you have time.

6. Volunteer 
You'll quickly realise, if you haven't already for some reason, that all jobs require a lengthy skill set. Know how you can get these? Through volunteering. No one expects you to have money for 2 to 3 years from now. You can afford to work for free or little pay.

7. Know that things will work out (It will take time) 
You may not end up in your field of study, but things will work out. Just remain open-minded and ready to take on opportunities as they come. This includes going back to school.☺ 

All the best in your new chapter.