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Over 2000 High School Students Visit KIU


Thousands of students are flocking Kampala International University (KIU) to attend an Art workshop. The four day workshop which is being held in the University main hall started on Tuesday, 24th May and will end on Friday, 27th May 2022.

Each day a different set of students hits the campus to experience the townified ambience of KIU. Mega buses pervade the campus each morning and evening to ferry students to and from their respective schools. The students are usually accompanied by their teachers. Both teachers and students leave the famous university with indelible memories.

Some of the students were overheard expressing their opinions with the following comments: “This place is organized.” “They have nice structures.” “Wow, this is a clean place.” Some notable high schools in the country attending the workshop include the following: Mt. St. Mary’s, Namagunga, Kawempe Muslim, Kibuli S.S.S, Trinity College, Nabbingo, Stella Maris Nsube, Buddo S.S.S, among others. 

A mammoth gathering of such high school students can only be compared to the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) exhibition which brings together thousands of students at UMA showground at Lugogo.  This is a great opportunity for the Marketing and PR department which they are taking advantage of to market KIU to the high school students. 

One of the organizers and a teacher at Kibuli S.S.S, Mr. Kibazo Hashim explains the objectives of the Art Workshop thus, “Our aim is to inspire students to pick Art and Design among their choice subjects.” “We have a goal to improve students’ art skills and we also desire students to take serious interest in Art because it is a paying industry.”

According to students, the Art Workshop benefits them a great deal. Ainembabazi Bella, a student of St. Janan schools said, “The Workshop has increased our creativity and drawing skills.” Students are taught through videos and live presentations.

There are several crafts of Art which a student can major in and some of them include the following: Pottery, Graphic Design, Painting, Weaving, Fabric decoration etc.