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Pharmacy department to hold ‘Mr & Mrs Pharmacy’


The Mr and Mrs Pharmacy “Beauty with Brains” event takes place on Saturday at Swing Inn Hotel in Ishaka. It is organized by the Pharmacy department and it’s meant to recognize outstanding male and female personalities at the school.

The organizer, Don Hussein says it is meant to give a chance to students to bond with each other and also bring a fresh breath to their all round University schedule.

The annual event is sponsored by Tausi coaches, Swing Inn Hotel, KIU and Supremacy enterprises. Tickets go for 5,000 shillings ordinary and 10,000 shillings for VIP. Tables cost 100,000 and these will have pizza as well as 150,000 shillings for tables with wine.

Don Hussein says they offered affordable fees for students so that all can be able to attend since it is a social event, which all students should be able to participate in.

 The famed “omwavu” will reportedly be in attendance. The event kick-starts at 7:00 PM and security will be water-tight.