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President Museveni to Address the Nation Again on Friday


By Stuart Bogere Oswald 

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will address the nation today on developmental issues, this was confirmed by the Senior Presidential Press Secretary Linda Nabusayi.

Nabusayi said that the address will take place today Friday, 5th August at 8 pm and will be broadcast live on all Radios and Televisions.

In his previous address last week, the President said government interventions by cutting taxes or subsidies would mislead the people to continue to consume without economizing the commodities thus plunging the country into more trouble.

Museveni has since maintained that switching to electric cars and trains is the long-term solution to the fuel problem, however, in the meantime, he encouraged members of the public to use fuel sparingly.

The address follows public reaction on skyrocketing prices for commodities in an inflation country.