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President Museveni to Address the Nation on Ebola Tomorrow


By Stuart Bogere Oswald

President Yoweri Museveni is expected to address the nation on Ebola outbreak tomorrow, Wednesday, September 28. This has been confirmed by the senior presidential press secretary, Sandor Walusimbi.

According to Walusimbi, the president will address the nation live on all TVs and radios starting at 8 pm to update the country on issues of national importance including the Ebola outbreak.

This is the first time the president will be speaking out about the outbreak that has since left 23 people dead. The latest update from the Ministry of Health shows that the cumulative cases of Ebola are 36 with 18 confirmed and 18 probable cases.

Of the 23 deaths, 5 are confirmed and 18 probable. Meanwhile, 35 are active cases on admission.

The presidential address comes at a time when many had questioned why the president was silent as compared to the addresses he had during Covid-19 times
While speaking to to media over the weekend, the senior presidential advisor on epidemics, Dr. Monica Musenero said he (Museveni) will address the nation after the experts have had an emergency understanding of the outbreak.

The president will come out and address the nation,” said Dr. Musenero adding that “For Covid, by the time he came out we had already compiled some data.

“Ebola was confirmed on Tuesday, by yesterday we didn’t have a clear picture, what would the president be telling the nation, we need to do an emergency understanding, and there are staff on ground doing the surveillance to gauge how far the disease has spread.