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Prudence Mahirwe Elected First Female Guild President of KIU Western Campus


KIU, Western Campus – Prudence Mahirwe, a fourth-year student of Bachelor of Pharmacy, has been elected as the first female Guild President of KIU Western Campus.

Mahirwe got 55.2% of the vote to beat Amon Nkwasiibwe who got 44.8% after being elected by 16 out of the 29 Members of Parliament (MPs) who participated in the election.

While declaring the results, the Chairperson of the Guild Electoral Commission, Felix Muhangi explained that they were organized following the constitution and said he was glad they went on well.

“Congratulations to Hon. Prudence Mahirwe upon being elected the new Guild President of Kampala International University Western Campus. Her victory reflects the trust and confidence that the student body has placed in her leadership abilities,” he said.

Hon. Mahirwe said she felt honoured and grateful that the MPs had chosen to put their trust in her and she promised to work with her opponents for the better of the university.

“I feel honoured and grateful that amidst all challenges and discouragement, the majority of the MPs stood for what they felt was their best choice. I do not despise my opponents though, and I have hope that we shall collaborate for the good of our University,” she said.

 “I plan to encourage unity amongst the entire guild leaders in collaboration with the respective association leaders, not forgetting that university administrators and policies will be our guide throughout our term of service,” she added.

Mahirwe replaces Brian Rwotomio and she will be sworn in on Tuesday, April 23rd to begin serving her one-year term of office.