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Religion at KIU Western Campus


KIU, Western Campus - Religion is a social-cultural system of defined behaviors and practices, morals, sanctified
places and ethics that relates humanity to supernatural or spiritual elements. 

Like any other place around the world, KIU’s western campus population is also devoted to
various religious denominations with the most popular being Christianity and Islam.

Religion is a core value in achieving success in academics, morals, integrity, personal fulfillment and creating healthy social bonds with other individuals and the community as a whole.

After the long tiring lectures, students manage to create time for worship as evidenced by the usually huge turn up at the various places of worship.

Below is a simple breakdown of the various religious groups at Western Campus.

Catholics: These are quite a good number and have their worshipping at St Camillus church
every Monday to Wednesday morning, Thursday and Friday evenings and Sunday for the
main mass. 

There are choirs for the praising and worshipping bit of it and different tribal associations and
faculties have designated days of leading the mass at church. 

The church is located about 500m from the campus, which makes it easier for the students who stay near the campus like those from Abuja, Basajja and Bwegiragye to attend the prayers.

Islam: The Muslim fraternity unites under the KIU Muslim Students Association (KIUMSA) and is mostly
comprised of the Somali ,Hausa and the Ugandan nationals. 

The association is headed by the “Amir” who leads the faithful in their daily prayers as well as on Jummah, the main Friday prayers. The Muslims mostly use the campus mosque but they also go to Basajja mosque for their worshipping.

Born agains: These are arguably the most visible, zealous and devout of the religious groups at Western Campus. On the evenings they hold their prayers, they position at the campus gate giving out fliers and verbally encouraging bypassers to attend their prayer sessions.

They have different groups which include Redeemed Glory church, International Church of Christ, Phaneroo ministries, Contagious Fellowship and several others. They usually conduct their prayers in some of the university premises, especially the Biomedical Building.

They normally hold daily evening fellowships but as is expected, they also have Sunday prayers.

The other denominations like Anglicans and Seventh Day Adventists are not as vigilant and visible as their aforementioned counterparts.

 The Anglicans normally pray from the Main Hall, Science block and the Biomedical block while the Seventh Day Adventists pray from the Main Hall.

But all in all, KIU is an institution that puts God first, which may be the reason it has continued to excel year-after-year.

Photo: Collins Kakwezi