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Rotaract Club of KIU to Reap Big From Kampala North's Retreat


KIU, Main Campus - Over the weekend, the Rotaract Club of KIU joined its mother club, the Rotary Club of Muyenga, to a transformational new year's retreat to the Rotaract Club of Kampala North in Kabale, Western Uganda.

The three-day retreat hosted by Professor Augustus Nuwagaba, who also doubles as President for the Rotary Club of Muyenga, featured activities like tree planting around Kigezi Primary School, career guidance, team building activities, and a lighter side that involves touring around the beautiful sceneries in Kigezi sub-region.

The Rotaract Club of KIU was led by the immediate past President Evelyn Lumonya, who later testified that it was an extraordinary learning experience for them as young and potential professionals.

"We really learnt alot during the retreat. I want to thank mother club, the Rotary Club of Muyenga, for the invite but also the Rotaract Club of Kampala North for organising such a wonderful event," she said.

"For my club, the Rotaract Club of KIU, we hope to apply some of the ideas learnt over the weekend to revamp our club. Things won't remain the same. That I assure you," she added.

The main host of the retreat, Professor Augustus Nuwagaba, urged rotaractors and other people to work hard in order to make good names in future. He said that young people should know that ignition comes from within while propulsion comes from the outside.

"You should work hard to avoid using other people's names as references. You need to be yourself not your father or any one else," he said.

Professor Augustus also used the same opportunity to tell the rotaractors about the life of the departed Bank of Uganda Governor, Emmanuel Mutebile, who was also his half-brother. He described Mutebile as a very learned and highly knowledgeable economist, one that Uganda, East Africa, Africa and the world will never see again.

Governor Emmanuel Mutebile was pronounced dead on Sunday morning after being admitted for close to a month at Nairobi Hospital.

With the official visit of Assistant District Rotaract Representative (ADRR) to KIU happening today, President Evelyn and her team will hope to use Kigezi's trip as a bonus to their progess report.