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Rotaract Members Urged: Embrace Knowledge for Wealth Growth


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU Main Campus- Members of the Rotaract Club of KIU have been advised to embrace knowledge and socialisation in order to transform their lives. This call was made by Rotarian Edson Besigomwe, a finance and accounting specialist who spoke to the club on Monday at the University's main campus.

Besigomwe had been invited by Maxwell Oliver the Rotaract club of KIU president to present on the topic "How to Grow Wealth as A Youth.”

He used his own life as a living testimony that one can change from grass to grace. Mr Besigomwe said he has transformed from a boy who never wore shoes at school to a respected professional and business man who now owns everything every man adores including a Benz.

"My first time to put on shoes was in senior three but when I moved from the village, I realized things were far different and you may not believe that I am now this big. The boy who never used to put on shoes drives one of the best cars."

He also attributed his success to being challenged urging students to leave their comfort zones and find challenging environments.

"Move from your seat and go to a hotter seat, go out there and get challenged otherwise you are likely to remain thinking things are the same. I mean I own a Benz because I was challenged," he said.

"The first thing you need to do with yourself is mindset. What you prophesy is what you become," he added.

He also added "It's not what you study that makes you rich. It is the way you use the information that actually makes you rich."

He emphasized the need to join student societies and clubs like Rotaract where one can easily make new friends, get challenged as well as find new opportunities.

"If you don't join the other groups like Rotary, you may not do things differently," he stated.

Besigomwe also challenged elders to come to the rescue of the Youth and expressed confidence in the fact that they can turn tables especially when it comes to social economic development.

"I have an inspiration that we the seniors Can change the young generation from a low income, to the middle income and finally to the high-income economy," he noted.

The Rotaract Club of KIU meets every Monday at the University Main Canteen from 6-7:00 PM.