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SAHS Dean Solomon Mbiina Launches 1st Dean’s Intra-School Cup


KIU, Western Campus – The Dean of the School of Allied Health Sciences (SAHS) Solomon Mbiina last week launched the 1st Dean’s Intra-School Football and Quiz Cup at Bushenyi playground in Bushenyi District.

According to Mbiina (in Man Utd jersey), the Cup was started to show that medical students can perform better in academics by including sports in their daily routines, which unifies and boosts social interaction among students.

 According to him, this keeps their minds fresh, physically fit, and enhances discipline towards their study routine by instilling in them skills such as coordination and situational awareness, which in turn helps them to enhance their academic skills.

“Great leaders have few qualities in common. These include self-awareness, discipline, communication, integrity, and accountability,” Mbiina said.

“These are all the traits that you can learn by joining co-curricular activities at the university, which is a highly sought-after skill once you enter the job market and will make students become highly valuable for any organization” he added.

8 teams participated in the competition, which was finally won by Pirates Football Club.

The cup also had an inter-school quiz competition, where four teams made up of eight team members were randomly selected from all classes of the school.

The competition will henceforth become an annual event.

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