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School of Engineering Elects New Leaders


KIU Western Campus - On 28th February 2020, The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) elected their new leaders for the term 2020/2021.

As expected, the unopposed Wani Musamalwa and Yusuf Ataho were elected President and Vice-President respectively.

In the departmental elections, Sharon Acola was elected to MP for Electrical Engineering, Halima Bukirwa for MP Telecom Engineering, Zabron Tukarokora for MP Civil Engineering. Lastly, Henry Ssemwogerere beat Alexander Busuulwa to claim the Mechanical Engineering MP office.

Diana Lotud, also the reigning best debate speaker, claimed the Woman MP office unopposed.

The election was largely peaceful and by the time counting of votes ended at around 5:40 P.M. and there was a general consensus that the declared leaders were the actual choice of the majority.

The leaders take office with immediate effect.