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Sharif Ntume: The Beacon of Change in KIU's Forum for Ideas (FFI)


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus-In just one week since assuming his role as the Principal Coordinator of the Forum for Ideas (FFI) at Kampala International University (KIU), Sharif Ntume has wasted no time in revealing his grand aspirations to become a prominent figure in the legal arena. He is determined to establish himself as a prominent leader within KIU's premier student think tank.

After a resounding victory in last week's poll, Ntume expressed his gratitude to both his supporters and those who didn't cast their votes in his favour but supported him in various ways. He described his triumph as an esteemed opportunity.

"I'm astounded by the chance that God has bestowed upon me to continue serving and showcasing my leadership abilities. The Forum for Ideas has always held a prestigious place, and being its Principal Coordinator, a role defined as the fountain of honor in Article 3(1)(a) of the FFI Constitution, is a responsibility of immense prestige."

Since its inception in 2015, the Forum for Ideas (FFI) has held the position of the leading student think tank at KIU. As Ntume takes the helm, he aims to elevate it even further.

"My campaign slogan was 'BCM,' which stands for Branding the forum, Collective responsibility, and Maintaining forum norms. We will focus on ensuring that the forum remains at the forefront within the university and engages in a wider range of activities both on and off campus," he stated in a post-election interview.

Despite its prominence, the Forum has yet to convince the majority of the student community that membership is not limited to law students. Ntume acknowledges this challenge and sees class coordinators as a potential solution.

"The Forum offers numerous benefits that should be accessible to students from all colleges, not just law. We'll soon be recruiting new members, with a particular focus on attracting students from diverse academic backgrounds. We plan to involve class coordinators from various schools to make the Forum inclusive for all."

Ntume, like all leaders, aspires to leave a lasting legacy when his term concludes in September 2024. He's committed to increasing the number of honorable members attending the Congress and ensuring that at least 60% of KIU students are familiar with the Forum for ideas through practical activities, not just words.

Who is Sharif Ntume?

 Born in Gayaza village in Masaka (Buddu), Sharif Ntume is a 24-year-old fourth-year law student at Kampala International University. He also serves as the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs in the Guild Union and as a class coordinator for his peers. This is his second consecutive term as Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs in the KIU Guild Union.

Ntume is also an active member of the Rotaract Club of Kampala International University and serves as the Public Relations Officer (PRO) for the Kampala International University Muslim Students Association.

His educational journey began at Kirimya Islamic Primary School in Masaka, followed by St. Kizito Primary School in Gayaza, where he completed his Primary Leaving Examination (P.L.E). He continued his studies at Kijjabwemi C.O.U Senior Secondary School from Senior One to Senior Six. During his time at Kyagambiddwa Senior Secondary School, Ntume held various leadership roles, including teacher's welfare prefect, chief judge, head boy, and head prefect.

In August 2020, he joined KIU to pursue a Bachelor of Laws degree. It was during his second year that he became drawn to the Forum for Ideas (FFI), KIU's prestigious student think tank, which he now leads as Principal Coordinator.

Ntume is not only a beacon of leadership but also a symbol of hope for his humble background. He is motivated by his love for cars and his determination to uplift his family's status.

"I was born into a modest family, and it's my duty to set an example for my siblings so that one day, our family can be recognized. I am, in a way, the hope of my family. The thought of failing and letting them down drives me to work relentlessly."

Ntume aspires to become a renowned judge of courts of record, with the goal of having his judgments cited by future law students. Like any visionary young man, his list of role models has evolved, currently featuring Lord Denning and Justice Stephen Mubiru, whose judgments he greatly admires.