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Staying Well Together: Balunga Arrives at an Epiphany in Lockdown Period


KIU, Western Campus - Sandra Balunga is a third-year student pursuing a Bachelors degree in Pharmacy.

Like most students, Bulunga's daily routine was unexpectedly disrupted by the government directives imposed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

At first, Bulunga struggled with the amount of free time she had at her disposal. However, as days passed by, she has found a new routine at her father's farmhouse in Wobulenzi in Luweero District. 

Balunga offers that her new routine is characterized by "an adventure involving learning new skills, self-discovery and a lot of reading."

"My mornings are dedicated to studying since they are quiet, refreshing and concentration is highest," she says. "I use my phone and laptop to access material on the KIU e-learning platform, availed by my lecturers through my class representatives."

In the afternoon, Balunga assists her father with farm activities like, "feeding poultry, collecting eggs and record-keeping." 

She particularly thrilled about learning how to, "debeak the chicken, vaccination, as well as techniques of growing tomatoes."

When the day is done, Balunga lays back and endulges in popular pastimes like watching movies on Netflix and reading online books.

In reflection, Balunga shares that:

"Despite the many challenges due to the lockdown, it has given me the opportunity to have quality time with my family and quiet time to meditate about my life choices, review some of my life goals, principles and create room for possibilities because life is not going to be the same after COVID19."


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