KIU News

Students Gear up for the Festive Season


By Phionah Kayinza 

KIU, Main Campus - As the end of semester exams approach, Kampala International University has begun to clear up. Some have already begun singing Christmas carols, which have spread like wildfire and reached the ears of others still undergoing the final few exams.

According to Ethel Nawati, a year one student, the melodic sounds flowing through the air bring smiles to their faces. It serves as a reminder that they will soon be able to engage in the festivities and embrace the holiday spirit.

The singing has increased the echoes in the corridors and exam rooms. Every day, groups of students meet in common areas throughout campus, harmonizing and generating a lively mood. Laughter has replaced the stress that has pervaded the university for several weeks.

As the end-of-year exams approach, the institution comes alive with students embracing one another and sharing stories of the semester's accomplishments and tribulations.

"I promise to keep this Forged friendship during this demanding period of my life," Anitah Nanyomo a year three student doing Environmental Science said.

With the final note of "We wish you a Merry Christmas" filling the air, the university falls into joyful silence as the students prepare for a well-deserved break.

The hostels are starting to empty as students pack their belongings in preparation for new adventures such as refreshing their thoughts and basking in the bliss of the holiday season.

There are faint traces of "merry Christmas" lingering in the air as the sound of footfall fades. 

"It's a reminder of triumphs and challenges, the bonds formed, and hope that is carrying them forward into the light of a new year," says Viola Nabukalu, a year one law student.