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Students Urged to Embrace Discipline and Integrity to Become Better Professionals


By Deborah Akunyo

KIU, Main Campus-Students have been advised to embrace discipline and integrity if they are to become better professionals. This was during a groundbreaking mentorship session organised by the KIU Law Society on Monday, February 12, 2024, at the Iddi Basajjabalaba Memorial Library, main campus.

The workshop featured prominent lawyers and other powerful people in Uganda among whom was special presidential advisor Odrek Rwabogo, the founder and managing partner Land & Co Advocates Charles Odere and the managing partner Tumukunde & Co Advocates Tonny Tumukunde.

Managing the present, selectively forgetting the past, and creating the future are the three boxes of life that Odrek Rwabogo introduced to the students during his presentation. He reiterated that the three areas are key to tremendous success.

"Success varies from person to person, while some may define success as the acquisition of a car or a home, lawyers should focus more on making a meaningful contribution to society," he stated.

He added that one's mindset plays a role in determining their level of achievement.

"Every day, your attitude should be your motivation to accomplish the tasks at hand since life is too short to waste time. If you have the correct attitude and mindset in life, you will succeed in reaching your goals," he continued.

Submitting on discipline and integrity, Tonny Tumukunde stated that discipline is one of the most important qualities a person should possess.

"The cornerstones of the legal profession are honesty and discipline. Without these, a person cannot achieve in the same way as someone with a second-class degree but greater discipline," he explained.

He also urged the students to always be aware of the relationships and decisions they make in life since they have a decisive effect on one's success.

"Never believe that you will fail in life because the people in your life and the relationships you make are the first steps toward success. You may handle problems in life by asking for help and praying for yourself," he advised.

According to Roland Mbonimpa, a second-year student of law, the session was very enlightening. He is ready to practice everything he learnt especially when it comes to learning the legal profession.

"I learnt the significance of humility, attitude and mindset in the legal field and I also the need to have a big network of relationships. I have gotten a few more influential connections like Mr. Odrek Rwabogo," he said.

Pius Kiyemba, one of the lead mobilisers of the workshop expressed confidence in the potential of such mentorship programs. He hopes it will help the younger generation realize their worth.

"Since leadership is a concept, the goal of these seminars is to demonstrate that we have to be strong and dynamic leaders," he said.

Monday's workshop also attracted students from Uganda Christian University, King Ceaser University, Cavendish University, Islamic University in Uganda, and the International University of East Africa.