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Success in me, magnificent but less promoted students movie


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - When the movie Success in Me was first released in April 2019, many members of the KIU Community were left wondering how such a brilliant idea had crossed the mind of whoever created it. However, the movie did not sell as expected due to limited promotion.

Like other movies produced by KIU students, Success in Me needed sponsorship to cover a wider market. This was not possible despite testimonies from those who watched it, many described it as a magnificent piece of story. Iman Amer, the writer, producer, and director, thinks the movie met its intended mission of inspiring students despite the limited sales.

"I think it served its mission and purpose very well because we wanted to inspire students especially those joining Campus," Amer says.

The central theme of the movie is ''Education''. Ouma, the protagonist of the movie was born in a troubled and somewhat a failed family in matters to do with education. All his relatives including his elder siblings have either skipped school or dropped out. Okello their first born sets the worst example for his young siblings when he failed to make it in education.

Despite being the last born, Ouma defies odds by avoiding the route taken by his elder brothers and sisters by giving his best to studying in pursuit of his dream. He eventually graduates with a Bachelor of Information Technology, amazingly sending his friends, classmates, and family into celebration. 

The movie draws attention to a typical life of a University student. It depicts the struggle of students to strike a balance between academics, relationships, lifestyle, and the pressure from home.

The story in the movie, 'Success in Me' is actually inspired by real-life events according to Iman Amer, the writer, and producer of the movie. He says the whole story is an account of his own life.

"The story was inspired by my life with studies," Amer discloses.

" I learned that success in studies can fail from your elders but you can achieve it"  he adds.

According to Amer, choosing the title needed clear scrutiny of the story behind the movie. He based on the fact that success comes from within not outside.

 I chose the title, "Success in Me" because the protagonist is the last born who narrates the story of how he succeeded with studies," he explains.

Unlike other movies produced by KIU students, Success in Me" has characters from almost every college and school. Other movies produced at KIU like The Lost Journey, Last Option, and Wrong Direction have had Mass Communication students dominate the cast.

Most of the crew members are now trying to make ends meet elsewhere while others are still pursuing their academic dreams, but given their talent and passion for acting, they only need a helping hand in such projects like, "Success in Me," to change the world through moving stories.