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Ten Things to Consider in 2022


By Rogers Wanambwa 

1. Success mainly hinges on your team sharing the same long-term vision

2. Success is all about your team sharing your long term vision

3. Make sure everyone has skin in the game 

4. Getting everything you ever wanted forces you to re-evaluate things

5. Seize the opportunity when it shows up

6. In life, leveling up never ends

7. Going at it alone is tiresome and discouraging 

8. Your rewards are proportionate to the mastery of your skills

9. Things will take as much time as you allow time for them 

10. It is only when you get rich that you start valuing time over money

Bonus: Generally, the opportunity window is always closing, and if you don't move fast, you'll miss it. 


Rogers is a KIU student pursuing an MBA, majoring in Finance and Banking