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The 2022 KIU trade exhibition Concluded yesterday


 By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - Yesterday was the last day of the 2022 trade exhibition at KIU and the overall consensus suggested that the event that run for two weeks was a success. Several companies and sole proprietors have enjoyed the best of KIU's hospitality businesswise.

KIU has over the years proved a business-friendly environment and the successful conclusion of the 2022 trade exhibition should be another mark to this undisputable reputation. According to Mubarak Karuhanga, the Minister of Trade, investment and Transport in the KIU Guild Union, as well as the chief organiser of the exhibition, this year's event was 70% successful.

"We are happy that the exhibition came to an end on a good note. We have not had any controversies, and the exhibitors are happy, though some of them didn't meet all expectations. But overall, the exhibition was a success. I think success was at 70%," Hon. Karuhanga said.

He observed that the night economy performed tremendously better than the day economy. This, he said, was because of the unlimited entertainment that has been ruling evenings since the event started.

Like the minister, both the exhibitors and the students' community, as well as the fun poachers, agree that this year's trade exhibition was unexpectedly a success. A few anticipated it to yield given the fact that it had not taken place for two years as a result of the unpopular COVID-19 pandemic.

Peter Kabagambe, a dealer in crafts and jewelry, is one of the many exhibitors who have managed a fortune from the KIU Community. He said that the exhibition has produced results beyond his expections.

"I came into this exhibition with doubts but now by the look of things, I have managed to make sales I never expected. I was abit scared with the turn up on the first day but ever since, things have been different," Kabagambe narrated.

"it has been a success, it being the first bazaar since 2019. So we collectively brought back all the trends that people had spent time with out seeing," said Sunday Mathew alias Mcee Banks who has been serving as Mcee in the evenings.

The KIU trade exhibition is an annual event usually held at the beginning of a calendar year by the Guild Union under the Ministry of Trade, Transport and Investment. This year's event was the first since 2019 following disruptions caused by COVID-19.