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The KIU Cultural Gala 2020: An Astounding Success


KIU, Main Campus - The Cultural Gala that took place on Saturday 14th March 2020 at the main campus left a great impact. From Basoga Nseete's triumphant finish, to the majestic Somali and Rwandan dance moves, there was a lot to look out for.

Eventual champions, the Nseete, would have been thrown off the race due to unprecedented delays to take the stage on several occasions. But thanks to their undying team spirit, winning attitude, and awareness, this wonderful team ensured that all mistakes were corrected quickly enough so as to deliver a breathtaking performance.

The overall tournament was an expressive way of celebrating cultural diversity and the glorious heritages of various local and international traditions.

According to Herbert Isabayanda, Guild Minister of Culture, the annual gala helps students to connect with their backgrounds.

“The cultural gala helps students to connect with their backgrounds historically,” Herbert said, “It also distracts students and the whole community from their day to day exhausting routines as a stress controller."

Different cultural associations form individual camps where they practice from prior to the gala day, a scenario that solidifies their patriotic spirits towards their cultures and teams. This is the very reason why they do what ever it takes to do their cultures proud during the festival.

“Before the festival, association members identify each other and form camps from where they practice,“ said Edmond Safari, Former President, Tooro Students' Association.

The fact that individuals of the same cultural origin come together creates a sense of belonging amongst them hence enabling them to rejoice special moments and emotions together.

The approval given to cultures like that of the Bamasaba, Basoga, Baganda, Karamojong, and Somali when taking to the stage reflects students' attitude towards culture and knowledge before in partaking any of its gifts.

“Kadodi is like an anthem during the cultural gala that whenever it is mentioned, the crowd gets thrilled with excitement,” says a one Isabirye Moses.

Indeed, the 2020 Cultural Gala is one festival that shows that man can come together to celebrate and share their different cultures together.

KIU as an institution takes pride in annually hosting an event like this, that cements the beauty of culture and acknowledges its diversity.