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The last taste of the 2022 Law Society Elections Ecstacy



By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - The last day of campaigns for all candidates vying for the different positions in the KIU Law Society produced yet another spectacular series of events as the candidates and their agents strived to keep their potential voters up to date with today's poll.

Today's election that kicked off at exactly 9am was the first in two years following disruptions caused by COVID-19. It was only the ballot box that decided which candidate convinced the masses the more since all candidates had had the ability to attract big crowds.

Exciting songs, chants of different political slogans and eye catching dance moves dominated events at the KIU main campus on Thursday as the candidates, supporters and agents gave their best last gasps in pursuit of favour and more votes.

What caught many eyes was the caravan of presidential candidate Kaddu's supporters who climaxed their rallies in campus with a spectacular show piece. The caravan had all the candidates that subscribe to Kaddu's ideology carried aloft as the rest danced, sang and chanted different slogans as the caravan made rounds all over the main campus.

On the other hand, the other candidates and their fans also moved around the whole campus blowing vuvuzelas and shouting slogans as well as names of different candidates while they also rallied students to turn up and vote on Friday.

Today's poll marks the end of two weeks of absolute tension and ecstacy, but also the beginning of another not only in the school of law but also the whole of KIU.