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This is Our Time to Shine, KIU Somali Students Association


By Ashirafu Sekajja

KIU Main Campus: The much-awaited KIU cultural gala will take place this Saturday 25th February 2023 and this will be the first time the event is taking place since 2020. Several cultural associations have been rehearsing and among them is the Somali Students Association who are doing all it takes to put up the best show.

KIU Somali Students Association has always displayed some memorable spectacle in the cultural gala but have never been among the best cultural exhibitors. This time around, they believe, they can defy the odds.

“We are ready to conquer this years’ cultural gala, there are a number of brilliant items we planning to show case on the due day,” Mustaf Abdihafid Elmi, the president of KIU Somali Students Association said.

This year’s cultural gala will run under the theme “social and economic interactions.” Under social interactions, according to Abdihafid, a broad range of delicious local Somali dishes will be prepared.

“In the past years the number of Somali students in Kampala International University (KIU) was small and the goal was always only taking part in the gala. However, this year no stone is to be left unturned and victory will ultimately be ours,” he said.

Regarding culture, Abdihafid expressed immense delight as the gala will offer his people a precious opportunity to perform their dances, food stuffs and other aspects of the Somali folkways so as to demystify the mystery around Somali culture.

The cultural gala is always a breathtaking sight to behold and many are looking forward to it in great excitement. 

“We are excited that we have a chance to display our beautiful culture and dance. We also have an opportunity to learn more from other cultures and they will surely learn from us,” Balkisa Osman Dsale, the minister of culture and entertainment, KIUSOMSA.

KIU Guild President, Moses Ebye has encouraged students to embrace the cultural gala and participate actively.

‘’We have different cultures here and the cultural gala is one avenue where you can get to witness what others do that you don’t. It is also your chance to display your culture to the rest,’ he said

‘’This cultural gala will also help you to know where you belong and you should expect fun this Saturday,’’ he added.

This year’s cultural gala will feature the University anthem, folk song, cultural dance, and a variety of traditional dishes. Over 30 cultural associations are expected to participate in Saturday’s exhibition.