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Uganda Airlines Named Youngest Aircraft Fleet in the World


By Stuart Bogere 

KIU, Main Campus - Uganda Airlines has been named the Winner of the Youngest Aircraft Fleet Award 2021 “Ch-aviation World". The national airline won the first place for the world’s and Africa’s youngest fleet, with an average aircraft age of two years.

Uganda Airlines was revamped in 2018 and its fleet consists of six jets with four bombardiers and two airbuses. 

Currently, the national airline serves in seven countries, ten destinations and twelve routes. Uganda Airlines expects to serve 20 destinations by the end of 2021.

The Ch-aviation Youngest Aircraft Fleet Award recognises airlines from across the globe that keeps a young, modern and efficient fleet.

It is important to note that this award is based entirely on non-manipulable aircraft data. There is no jury or any other subjective parameter involved.

The winners on each continent are: Uganda Airlines (Africa), SalamAir (Asia), AirBaltic (Europe), Frontier Airlines (North America), Fiji Link (Oceania) and SKY Airline (South America).