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Uganda National Drug Authority Approves COVIDEX Local Herb Medicine


By Agnes Kiconco

KIU, Main Campus - The National Drug Authority (NDA) has today, 29th June, approved COVIDEX a local medicinal herb as a supportive drug treatment for COVID-19 and other virus infections.

After days of research and collaboration with the developer Prof. Patrick Ogwang, NDA approved the herbal drug as safe and ready for human consumption. The drug has been thus licensed and approved to be sold in pharmacies as a supportive treatment for COVID-19.

"Today; June 29, 2021, Uganda National Drug Authority has notified Covidex as a supportive treatment in management of viral infections and can now be accessed in all licensed drug outlets," tweeted UNDA on their official Twitter page.

In addition to the notification, NDA cautioned the public to avoid self-medication and take the local medicinal herb and other drugs on the advice of a professional health worker. 

Earlier, Dr. David Nahamya, the Secretary for the National Drug Authority (NDA), warned people to go slow on COVID-19 medication without the right diagnosis, because the side effects are enormous.

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