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Uganda Ranked Among Top Countries Managing COVID-19 Better


By Stuart Bogere Oswald

Uganda is ranked among the top countries that are managing the COVID-19 pandemic better globally, according to new rankings by World Statistics website Worldometer. 

Uganda is currently undergoing the second total lockdown after the emergence of the Delta variant of the virus has so far recorded only 989 deaths from 79,434 positive cases confirmed.

This places Uganda above many developed economies both in Africa and overseas in as far as management of COVID-19 is concerned, including our East African Counterparts Kenya, West African giants Nigeria, SouthAfrica, Morocco, Tunisia, and others.

Despite the emergence of the Delta variant, Uganda has remained consistent in curbing the spread of the virus and through various interventions has kept the death toll very low.

The good strides in the management and control of the COVID-19 pandemic can be attributed to the vigilance of the general public, government policies that are being implemented to curb the spread and the Ministry of Health which has not only advised policy formulation but supported in capacity building for health facilities to handle the virus.

Image: Michigan Health Lab - Michigan University