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UPSA President Agaba Sends Message of Hope to Students


KIU, Western Campus – Uganda Pharmaceutical Students Association (UPSA) President Innocent Agaba has sent a message of hope to students, telling them that the lockdown is not their fault and they shouldn’t blame themselves.

Agaba, a fourth-year pharmacy student at KIU Western Campus, instead calls on them to leave matters in God’s hands and focus on building their careers.

“Lockdown is not your fault. So you should not stress and dwell too much on its effects. Leave it in God’s mighty hands,” Agaba told this website in a WhatsApp interview.

“Focus on building your career in this lockdown. Look out for courses and online events that help you build your self-esteem and capacity,” he added.

He also spoke about the challenges posed by the lockdown like lengthening the already long medical courses, which causes problems for students’ mental stability.

“This situation doesn’t leave many students mentally stable especially when they realize they can do nothing to save (assist in managing) the pandemic yet it’s their passion,” Agaba said.

He revealed that he spends his lockdown time volunteering at workplaces during the day and keeping up with his studies and UPSA activities in the evenings, and advised fellow pharmacy and other medical students to do the same.

“As we await response from the national COVID-19 taskforce on the resumption of medical students as we requested, ensure that you get occupied and avoid redundancy. Volunteer in nearby pharmacies and hospitals but most of all, observe SOPs and stay safe,” he advised.

Agaba maintains faith that after all, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

“With these vaccines and more research on management drugs like Covidex, we hope for the best, and life is going back to normal,” Agaba said.

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