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Vinka Urges Youth to Take Health Precautions at KIU Health Bazaar


KIU, Main Campus - During a Health Link Bazaar held at Kampala International University (KIU) on Thursday, 12th March 2020, Veronica Nakiyingi also known as Vinka, spoke out on abortion.

The KIU Health Bazaar was organised by the Ministry of Health with support from United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), World Health Organization (WHO), and Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA). It aimed at sensitising the youth and providing them with knowledge about sexual reproductive health and diseases including HIV and STDs especially affecting the youth in Uganda. 

Before her stage performance, the song bird Vinka advised girl students at KIU not to do abortions and take more precautions when dealing with their lives.

"Stay in school, and for the girls, don't do abortions. Tell the guy to use protection," Vinka advised. 

The artist also went on to tell students not to use drugs, and to maintain a healthy lifestyle so as to keep in shape. During her performance, she teased the audience as she made them dance to her songs while pushing them to try moves that judged their fitness.  

"I don't use drugs, I guess that's why I was chosen to perform at today's Health Bazaar. Do not use drugs and stay in school," Vinka added. 

Ivan Kigudde, a representative from the Office of the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, cautioned the youth not to be careless with their lives. 

"Drugs should not be part of one's health. It's not too late to have a turning point in life. Therefore as students, you should not be careless with your lives," Kigudde said. 

KIU proudly provided the grounds for the event in a bid to contribute towards bridging the gap in access and utilisation of accurate sexual reproductive health information and services for young people.