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Week Two: Thesis writing and publication workshop


KIU ,Main Campus - The zealous postgraduate students of KIU have commenced the second week of the Thesis Writing and Publication Training  and Workshop with motivation, as they continue to learn and seek answers to questions asked on issues faced during the research process of writing and collecting data from the keynote speakers.

Chidiebere Ogbonna, Research Coordinator Development Studies under the College of Humanities and Social Science, advised the students to learn how to beat the panel with accurate and valid information.

In his lecture about proposal writing, Ogbonna encouraged students to always pay attention to all chapters of their research, taking extra caution in justifying and answering concerns that their research addresses.

Students have been taken through the stages on how to improve on their strategies in data collection and how to make good write-ups. Hoping to have better results in the next sessions of defence, they are having an interactive session to help them understand more and have better work to present for their academic evaluation process.