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Weekend Watch: 10 Movies You Can Binge on Netflix This Weekend (Ep.2)


By Rogers Wanambwa 
KIU, Main Campus – As we end the month of March, here are ten movies you can binge on. Without any spoilers and further ado, let's dive right into it: 

1. The Batman 
Starring Robert Pattinson, it follows Batman's journey through Gotham City's underworld to try and catch a villain who sadistically leaves clues behind after killing his victims. You'll love it! 

2. Turning Red
For those into animations, you'll definitely enjoy this one. Reminisce on your adolescent years and the different things you had to go through as you grow into a young adult. We know some of you are still here.☺

3. Uncharted 
Starring Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, Sophia Ali, Tati Gabrielle, it follows a street smart thief recruited by a seasoned treasure hunter to recover a lost artefact. If you are into adventure movies, this is the one for you. 

4. Fresh 
A keen reminder to mind who you give your trust, this horror movie takes the dating scene into new territories as the main protagonist finds herself in a precarious situation.

5. Spiderman - No Way Home

If you haven't already, you need to watch this one. It brings back all our favourite Spidermen and albeit villains too. 

6. Death on the Nile
Ever successfully solved those mystery murder puzzles? We dare you to solve who did it in this one before the reveal!

7. The King's Man
If you loved the first ones, you'll love this one even more! Follow one man's race against time to stop the world's deadliest villains from starting a we that will end up killing millions. 

8. Dune
Oftentimes, we look at royalty as an easy way of life. Dune reminds us of the burden that they face in trying to protect their people and also live a somewhat everyday life of their own. 

9. Blacklight 
You know Liam Neeson. You know his kind of movies. This is no different. We just love the action and how he gets to save the day!

10. Scream
The fifth in the franchise, it keeps you on edge throughout. If you are into watching horror movies at night, this is for you. We just hope you get to sleep after (evil laughter).