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Weekend Watch: 10 Movies You Can Binge on This Weekend (Ep.3)


By Rogers Wanambwa 
KIU, Main Campus – While we get ready for exams at Kampala International University, if you have been reading and feel like taking a break, you can check out these movies to relax your mind: 

1. Ambulance 

If you love bank heist movies and the chase that ensues after, you will love this movie with stars including Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Marteen II, who just starred in the new Matrix. 

2. The Batman 

Although we have featured The Batman before, not many have watched it, and it is still on our radar of great movies to binge on. PS: You can start from the older ones and get to this one. 

3. The Outfit 

An English tailor named Leonard, who makes suits on London's famous Savile Row, must outsmart a dangerous group of criminals to survive a fateful night.

4. The Contractor

Another banger with leading star Chris Pine in which he acts as an involuntarily discharged special forces sergeant who finds himself fighting to stay alive and clear his name after being given a shady deal where everything that can go wrong does. Will he be able to do it? Find out. 

5. Reign of Chaos 

If you are into movies with gods and goddesses, who isn't any way, you will love this one. A trio of women believed to be descendants of a goddess are tasked with saving humankind from the wrath of the chaos lord. 

6. All the Old Knives 

Starring Chris Pine, Thandiwe Newton and Lawrence Fishburne, among others, it follows the CIA's veteran operative who needs to uncover who leaked information that cost the lives of over one hundred people. 

7. Boon 

Neal McDonough, known for being a villain mostly, stars in this one as a former mercenary trying to tone his past sins when faced with a criminal kingpin making his new acquaintances live in fear. 

He does what he knows best to keep them alive. 

8. Infinite Storm 

If you love movies where humanity is reminded of how the world is a prominent place by elements of the weather, you'll love this one starring Naomi Watts as an experienced mountain climber who has to climb down Mount Washington with another stranded man before they succumb to the elements. 

9. Apollo 10½ 

A man recounts stories of his life as a 10-year-old boy in 1969 Houston, fusing nostalgia tales with a mythic account of a journey to the moon.

10. Agent Game 

A CIA officer becomes the target of a rendition operation after being the patsy for the death of an interrogation subject.