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Weekend Watch: 10 Movies you can Binge on This Weekend (Ep4)


By Rogers Wanambwa 

KIU, Main Campus – Not much sports to speak of this weekend, meaning most of us will be staying in. Here are some movies to keep you company while lounging at home.

1.    Last Seen Alive
Starring Gerard Butler as Will Spann, it follows a man whose wife's sudden vanishing at a gas station leads to a desperate search to find her steering him down a dark path that forces him to run from authorities and take the law into his own hands.

2.    Interceptor 
Elsa Pataky stars in this where an army captain is compelled to use her years of tactical training and military expertise to defend a remote missile interceptor station which she is in command when a simultaneous coordinated attack happens. 

3.    Unhuman 
A group of misfit students must band together against a growing gang of unhuman savages. Their ability to work together will get tested to the limit in a brutal, horrifying fight to survive as they take down the ferocious zombie creatures.

4.    White Elephant
Two cops have to defend themselves from being eliminated after witnessing an assassination attempt leading to a ruthless crime boss ordering Gabriel Tancredi, an ex-Marine turned mob enforcer, to eradicate any and all threats.

5.    The Boys 
The series, well into its third season, looks at what happens when superheroes turn from doing good and become rogue. Who can stand against powered beings that many revere as gods? 

6.    Eve
Follow Even, a beautiful, intelligent young woman, as she tries to navigate the contemporary dating and working worlds, while receiving conflicting advice from her two best friends.

7.    The Croods Family Tree
What happens when two overly competitive people get into a game with high stakes? Chaos! For those of you who love animations. 😉 

8.    Double Threat 
The phenomenon of split personalities is being visited quite a lot these days, and Double Threat goes into the realm of the same as a woman with split personalities fights for her life while ruthless mobsters chase her across the country.

9.    An Interview with God
If you had a chance, what would you ask God in an interview? An up-and-coming journalist's faith is contested when he finds himself interviewing a man who claims to be God in this one. An old one but worth it. 

10.    Ms Marvel 
Saving the best for last! Follow Kamala, a superhero fan who particularly loves Captain Marvel when she gets to have superpowers of her own, drastically changing her life forever. For all those Marvel and superhero fans.