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Weekend Watch: 10 Series you can Binge on This Weekend (Ep7)


By Rogers Wanambwa

KIU, Main Campus – Let's talk series this weekend! Here are the ten hottest series you can binge on as we head into March 2023.

10. Ozark S4

If you have been following Bryde and his family as they try to survive being killed by the cartel they are working for, season four brings everything to a head as they try to “get out” alive and get their normal lives back.

Will they succeed? As always, it depends…

9. The Umbrella Academy S3

Season three finds the Hargreeves children returning to the modern-day only to find that they are now living in an alternate timeline, and that's not all, the Umbrella Academy is now the Sparrow Academy, and their father Reginald and late brother Ben are still alive.

8. Virgin River S4

If you love happy endings, who doesn't, then you'll be glad to know that our main characters, Jack and Mel get theirs at the end of season four.

7. The Sandman

Become mesmerized by this supernatural series that follows the Lord of the Dream World, Morpheus, as he is captured, loses control over it and tries to regain it after decades of being imprisoned.

6. The Watcher

Imagine getting into your dream home and mysterious and creepy letters start arriving at your doorstep. If you love detective and horror movies, this one will have you glued on your telly.

5. Inventing Anna

This crime drama follows the story of New York Instagram sensation, Anna Delvey, and how she weaved her way into the highest echelons of New York City's elites, stealing from them while at it.

Several takeaway lessons about today's society from this one.

4. Bridgerton S2

We all loved the first season and for some reason, if you haven't watched the second one,you are missing out, really, you are! For those of you who have never watched the first one, where are you living?

3. Dahmer Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

Told mostly from the victims of Jeffrey Dahmer, the series delves into the incompetence and apathy of police that led to the Wisconsin native's mutliyear killings.

2. Wednesday

One of the greatest series on Netflix, in our opinion, Wednesday follows teenager, Wednesday Addams, of the infamous Addams family, as she is expelled from most schools and she ends up at the Nevermore Academy, where both her parents studied and met.

What ensues is one of the best performances we have seen in recent television.

1. Stranger Things S4

A favorite for many. Stranger Things season four follows Eleven as she goes with Dr. Sam Owens to a secret facility in Nevada to regain her powers, as an imminent danger threatens her family.

We are here for it.

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