Staff Profile

Atiku Farooq

Research Interests

  • Future Fuels Development, and Emission Minimizations
  • Development of Sustainable Technologies for Energy, Power, and Transport Systems
  • Feedstock Upgrading and Improved Energy Performance- looking at Efficiency, Waste Material Products, PM Emissions during Biofuels Productions for Small and Large Scale Applications
  • Biomass & Sustainable Transport Solutions including Air Quality Issues and Minimization of Climate Effects
  • Fuel Oils from Biomass and Fossils fuels -Heavy Fractions Combustion Models and Validation
  • Environmental Engineering & Environmental Impacts Assessment including LCA development strategies
  • Bioremediations of Contaminated Soils around Oil Exploration Arena for Sustainable Agricultural Development, and Hydrocarbons Recoveries

Atiku Abubakar Farooq

Associate Professor