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KIU Thesis and Publication Training Reaches Climax


KIU, Main Campus - On 18th March 2020, the three-week Thesis and Publication training came to a close. The training was organized by the College of Humanities and Social Science to train the postgraduate students with Masters and PhD inclusively on issues affecting them during research, data collection, and presentation. The three-week training started on 4th March and climaxed on the 18th, leaving a great impact on addressing the problems faced by students in the research process. Ayodeji Awobamise, Associate Dean Research College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) says, "We are honoured that we have successfully finished the training and hoping to organize other training and hoping that students have attained much from the training." Lisendja Sombaelengi Jacques. a postgraduate student pursuing a Masters in International Relations, says he is grateful that the training was important and has helped him to revise his proposal before his submission of hearing. In addition, Hassan Abdul Mohammed says, "sometimes it's hard to explain some facts because not because you don't know but because we don't understand terminologies.” "But with the training, addressing the issue of terminologies which has been solved," he added. Ayodeji thanked the KIU administration for allowing the training to take place and the students for attending the training.