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Ministry of Health Issues Directives on Movement of Health Workers and Patients During Lockdown


By Agnes Kiconco

KIU, Main Campus - The Ministry of Health over the weekend issued new directives concerning the movement of health workers and patients countrywide during the second lockdown.

In a press release issued on Saturday, 19th June, the Ministry of Health mentioned that Ministry of Works and Transport (MoWT) will be responsible for issuing movement permits for 10% of the crucial staff within all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA) through an online system.

This directive comes after President Museveni declared a lockdown on Friday night during his presidential address on all media channels. 

The lockdown entails a ban on public and private transport except for essential workers, registered tourists vehicles, ambulances and the sick.

This therefore requires the essential workers such as health workers to attain movement permits to avoid road blocks.

According to the Ministry of Health press release, the movement permits for health and frontline workers, both in public and private health facilities will be issued by the District Health Officers (DHOs) in the corresponding districts.

In this case, the responsible officer/ person in the health facility/ institution will download a movement request form from MoWT website. This form should be filled & submitted to the same link with names of health workers and other essential workers working throughout this period.

The press release further stated," the  Ministry of Works and Transport will either accept or deny permission of the request. Feedback will be communicated through the same link where a movement permit will be generated once permission is granted."

"The movement permit will have a QR code which can be used to verify the particulars and validity of the permit. The permit will still be downloaded from the MoWT provided online link," read the press release.

On the other hand, patients going to hospital for drug refills, scheduled appointments and treatment shall be able to use the available mode of transport at their own cost provided they have proof of their medical records.

"Vehicles and boda bodas will only be allowed to carry patients on recommendation of a health worker, LC1 chairman at a village level," added the ministry of health in its press release.

The above directives are meant to ensure an effective lockdown which is entirely aimed at curbing further spread of the deadly virus, as the Ministry of Health looks forward to providing a comprehensive plan for those due for their second jab of the vaccine and the priority groups.

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