Academic Programmes

Master of Science in Anatomy

Philosophy of the Programme

On successful completion of the program it is expected that the graduates will have acquired;

  • An understanding of the different branches of Human Anatomy i.e. Gross, Histology, and Embryology.
  • Ability to prepare lectures in Human Anatomy.
  • Ability to demonstrate Anatomy to undergraduate and diploma level students. 
  • Ability to plan, design, develop and produce learning/teaching materials e.g. microscopic slides, maceration, etc.
  • Ability to embalm as a method of preserving the dead for study purposes and burial.
  • A positive attitude and respect for cadavers / the dead.
  • A range of transferable skills in communication and teamwork.
  • Ability to set, moderate and mark examination.  
  • Ability to carry out research in Human Anatomy and health-related areas.