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"I discovered my worth at KIU" Kwezi Abigaba founder of Bunyoro Youth Development Association.


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus -Kwezi Abigaba the founder of Bunyoro Kitara Youth Development Association (BUKYDA) also a third-year student of Education has commended KIU for providing him with a conducive environment to exercise his talent and ambitions in leadership.

Abigaba says that the University has given him the confidence to take his political dream to another level. Fresh from a camp organized by Allied action for Liberty and youth Development, Abigaba is thankful to KIU for giving him a platform from where he has advertised his capabilities.

"I am thankful for KIU. It has given me confidence and most importantly, a platform to advertise my capabilities," Abigaba admitted.

He added that KIU opened his eyes that he discovered that it was possible to do anything including leading a community beyond the university perimeters.

"KIU has built me intellectually and socially but the most important thing to me is that it has taught me to believe in possibilities. For instance, I've learnt that I can also lead no matter the environment. I discovered my worth at KIU."

Abigaba is a former prime minister of Kitara Students Association, a member of Allied Action for Liberty and Economic development, Elevate Uganda, Youth Baraza among others. To prove his overwhelming ambitions, Abigaba formed the Bunyoro Kitara Youth Development Association which is no longer active due to unavoidable circumstances. It aimed to economically Elevate the young people in Bunyoro through skilling and savings.

 Abigaba is in his last semester and is looking forward to graduating in the forthcoming graduation ceremony which will be KIU's 24th. He wants to become a Member of Parliament for his constituency one day in the nearby future. He maintains that Parliament is his destiny.