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KIU Environment Report: President Museveni Orders Encroachers to Vacate as Water Levels Rise


KIU, Main Campus - Yesterday, President Yoweri Museveni ordered encroachers on Lake Victoria land to vacate before they are being swallowed up. 

The president said this shortly after he made a stopover to observe the increasing water levels, at Kitubulu, Katabi Town Council on Entebbe Road on his way to state House.

He said that the water levels for Lake Victoria now stand at 13.4metres, one point less than the highest Uganda has ever obtained (13.41 meters) in May 1964, he also noted that the country will be able to protect its dams because the government was able to build two exit gates for the water to go through, which was not the case in 1964 when water from the dam destroyed properties.

“We said people should be 500 meters away from the lake shower, but instead they come and build where water should be, please get out of the way of the water because rain is continuing and it may swallow you,” said Museveni.

Experts from the Uganda Meteorology Authority say that there could be more floods and other disruptions caused by the heavier downpour. They warned that extreme weather could become more common in the coming years as the country begins to suffer the effects of environmental degradation and climate change.

On a separate note, the president cautioned people to wear masks whenever they are in public as a way of stopping the spread of COVID-19.

“People seem not to understand the value of the masks, these are not for decoration. We don’t want you to be seen with the mask hanging around your neck.

“This is to stop you infecting other people, so you should put it over your mouth and nose all the time as long as you are in public. Even when you are speaking you are infecting the air and your hands,” Museveni explained.

The president also went further and advised politicians who are giving out food to stop immediately, saying that this would prevent crowds who at a high risk of spreading the Coronavirus.

“If you are the person who makes people gather when they see you, please refrain from the temptation of addressing them, you will be encouraging them to the crowd,” the president said.


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