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KIU Hosts 2-Day NCHE Workshop on Non-Compliance and Complaints Related to Higher Education Institutions


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus-The two-day workshop that kicked off on Monday 28th November 2022 aimed at addressing issues of non-compliance and complaints related to institutions of higher learning.

According to Saul Waigolo, a senior public relations and corporate affairs officer at the National Council of Education (NCHE), the first day featured Universities while the second and last day had tertiary institutions.

Waigolo said that the workshop will help NCHE to follow up with different programs as well as address different issues in the different institutions of higher learning.

"There are standards that we set for all institutions and all must adhere. So this workshop intends to remind them of the shortfalls, remind them of the law, the deadlines and the implications if they contravene the set standards.

The delegates representing different institutions were given a warm welcome by KIU vice-chancellor Professor Mouhammad Mpezamihigo who alongside the Deputy Vice-chancellor in charge of Finance and Administration (DVCFA) Ass. prof. Janice Busingye attended the workshop in person.

"It appears there is poor management of assessment. Management of exams, coursework among others. Students are crying of missing marks,” Dr. Aminah Nakimuli, one of the speakers said.

‘’We continue to receive complaints that range from Nonpayment of staff salaries, Unfair expulsion and suspension of students, Promotion of staff, teaching unaccredited programs, Shortage of enough teaching resources, on delivery of lectures to Staff involvement in Students affairs,’’ Another facilitator, Dr. Justin Ayebare noted.

She added that the complaints come up because higher institutions have failed to follow policies NCHE has set.

‘’These complaints will affect the image of our institutions and that of the National Council for Higher education,’’ Ayebare noted.

‘’Let's create awareness among the concerned people. Let’s orient the staff on what they are supposed to do. Let them know of the implications of failing to do what they are supposed to do. Let students know what will happen if they don’t do coursework,’’ she added.

The Vice-chancellor commended NCHE for handling complaints very well especially during the lockdown when some imposters had petitioned KIU for conducting online lectures and exams.

‘’Complaints should not be wished away and when we receive them let's not be washed away. They can be communicating something at times,’’ he noted.

NCHE was established as the regulator of higher education to implement the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act of Parliament (UOTIA, 2001). By the provisions of the Act, NCHE is mandated to guide the establishment of institutions of higher learning as well as ensure the delivery of quality and relevant education to all qualified persons.