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KIU is the place to be-Dairus Weah Geegbe a student of Ph.D. in conflict resolution and peacebuilding on his Educational journey at KIU


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU Main Campus-Having graduated with a master of Social Work and Social Administration in June 2022, Dairus Weah Geegbe a student of Ph.D. in conflict resolution and Peace Building decided to stay at KIU to pursue a Ph.D. He is yet to regret a decision he first took in August 2018 when he first joined Uganda’s leading private University.

Geegbe is a Liberian national and before coming to Kampala, he graduated from the University of Liberia with a bachelor of Sociology and Mass Communication. Due to his love for adventure, Geegbe needed to pursue his next level of education outside his motherland. He opted to come to Uganda given the country’s progressive education system and conducive learning atmosphere.

And KIU’S international reputation backed by its consistent performance in academics, research and other spheres of learning meant that he would look no further than explore the heights. In August 2018, Dairus Weah Geegbe enrolled for a master of social work and social administration.

‘’Honestly, Uganda has a very good University education system, we could see people who passed through it progressing well and Kampala International University has a very good ranking and learning environment,’’ Geegbe said

"I think coming to KIU was never a mistake, I have enjoyed my time at this great University and I think it is the place for me to be," he added.

Five years down the road, Geegbe still recalls the warm welcome he received when he first entered KIU in 2018.

"Ugandans are generally welcoming people, very open, at KIU, everyone is friendly. People could show me around at will. My experience at this University has been so wonderful," he said.

Because a master's degree takes two and a half years at KIU, Geegbe thought he would finish his master of Social work and social administration at the end of 2020 but the outbreak of COVID-19 in January of 2020 meant he would not meet his initial expectation. This is however his lowest moment since joining KIU.

Nevertheless, Geegbe was patient and sure that he would finally graduate and true to that, he achieved his master of Social work and Social administration during KIU'S 25th graduation ceremony on 11th June 2022.

"When I finally got everything set for graduation, everything seemed to turn around. I now knew that I was going to graduate and when it happened, I was very happy and that's one moment I will never forget at KIU," he admitted.

After the master's level, several students tend to change institutions for PhD but at KIU, this is on a gradual decline as many students are increasingly considering pursuing their Ph.D.'s after their masters. Geegbe is one of the students who are walking the talk. He chose to stay for a PhD in Conflict resolution and peace building.

"I have planned my life to be one of the best persons in my family, Community and country and I think going for a PhD will make me more valuable. On the other hand, I've witnessed great things at KIU. The good professors and the condúsive learning environment,"

The 29-year-old has urged the youth in Africa and Liberia to aim higher if they are to change their livelihoods and society as a whole. He advised them to embrace education as a tool for change.