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KIU Staff Profile: Dr. Bot Wants to Continue to Explore Research in Molecular Toxicology


KIU, Western Campus – Dr. Yakubu Sandy Bot, the Dean of the School of Allied Health Sciences (SAHS) contends that he wants to continue exploring research and research collaborations regarding Molecular Toxicology.

Dr. Bot, who is also the Former Head of the Department for Medical Laboratory Sciences, says it is his dream to continue to the pinnacle of his career as a lecturer in his field.

“I am looking forward to continuous development in my chosen area as a lecturer in Medical Laboratory Sciences with a special interest in Molecular Toxicology and one who is interested in analyzing the properties of chemicals and determining if they are dangerous to living organisms,” he says.

 “Thus, my future professional plans are to continue to explore research and research collaborations in this area both locally and at international level,” he adds.

Dr. Bot started working for KIU in June 2022 and he shares that he has a sense of satisfaction because he is part of a team that has built the success story of the university.

“Just as it’s natural with any human being to feel good when associated with success or anything good in life, I feel good and have a sense of satisfaction whenever I remember that I am not only working for KIU but that am part of a committed team in the university,” he reveals.

“As of now, it is the leading private university in Uganda and indeed one of the best citadels of learning not only in East Africa but in the entire African continent as a whole,” he notes.

He points out that the culture and high moral standards of the university have enabled the students to participate in their academic advancement with the guidance of lecturers leading to a mutual and worthy relationship which has created a conducive environment for them.

Dr. Bot credits the students for being disciplined, committed, hard-working and resourceful and recommends KIU products to any labour organization without any iota of doubt because he is confident they cannot fail in their obligation at any given time.

He reminisces about the early morning hours of June 5th, 2022 when he first set foot in Ishaka as one of his most memorable moments at the university. He also picks KIU’s 27th graduation ceremony on June 17th, 2023 as the other memorable moment.

He advises students to continue to work hard as they pursue their education, shun bad company and vices and always remember why they are in university.